About The Green Bean

The Green Bean opened its doors on December 5th, 2007. Adam Dunetz, with the help of his wife, Liz Karney, opened the Green Bean in the hopes of meeting the community’s need for a delicious and socially responsible breakfast and lunch restaurant that served food grown as locally and sustainably as possible for people with varied diets, from vegans to meat-eaters. Though Adam and Liz are originally from the east coast, they met and started their family out in Portland, Oregon, regarded by many as the Holy Land of Breakfast. Pretty much all of Adam’s work experience had been in restaurants. He ultimately settled into the breakfast/lunch side of the business to keep his nights free for playing music. They moved to Massachusetts in 2004 to be closer to family. With its progressive social and political demographic, combined with the proximity to their families, Northampton was the perfect fit.

In November of 2008, Liz opened her own shop on the other side of town.  Located at 9 Market Street in Northampton, Sticks and Bricks is a custom furniture shop where Liz builds from scratch, rehabs, renovates, and repurposes furniture and housewares made from old, reclaimed materials. Some of her earlier works are on display at the Green Bean.  And in February of 2011, Adam and Liz opened The Roost on the other side of town with their friends, Robyn Goodmark and Jon Wynn.  Part restaurant, part cafe, part bakery-deli-bar-generally cool place to pass the time, the Roost is open everyday from 8am to 11pm. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea, beer, wine, and the best desserts in Northampton. 

The Green Bean won the coveted Best Breakfast in the Pioneer Valley award in their first year of business as well as 2nd Best Lunch. It’s a simple formula that has helped make the Green Bean such a community cornerstone. The best ingredients available, a warm, friendly staff, a menu where everyone can find something (if not several things) for them, as well as a business concept driven by the basic principles of fairness- to the employees, the vendors, and the customers- have all helped the Green Bean plant itself firmly in the hearts and minds of its loyal customers in Northampton, the Pioneer Valley, and beyond.   

You want some miso?